Easter Gift...

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  1. I was not going to post this as I could not get a good photo...BUT I have to share...I am to excited! My husband is the best.
    DSC01527.JPG DSC01528.JPG DSC01529.JPG
  2. That is GORGEOUS!!! Congrats. Is it diamonds??
  3. yes, one diamond and then diamonds around the diamond...its gorgeous. I wish I could get a better pic!
  4. wow!!! lucky girl!
  5. You have a great husband Sunshine! The necklace is gorgeous!!
  6. Simply beautiful! Wonderful hubby you have! Congrats!
  7. Wow !! Sunshine, what a elegant gift.
  8. Beautiful
  9. Wow! Gorgeous! What a sweet hubby you have!
  10. What a sparkleeeeeee Easter you had!
  11. your hubby sure likes to spoil you, you lucky lady!
  12. Grrrrrrrrrrrr~ very sexy gift! Wear it til it falls off baby!!
  13. when did easter become a gift giving holiday! rawr! hahaha
  14. ^ thats what I said!!!! I usually get a bottle of perfume...He is in a fishing tournament all week, I think it was a peace offering...(if he only knew how excited I was to have the time alone!) PLUS I have to go to all the damn dinners in the evening...but the my days are FREEEEE!!!! YEAH!
  15. OMG...congrats and please take some more pics!
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