Easter Bunny 2014 Swap - REVEAL!!

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  1. I thought I'd go ahead and start this thread. I'm in the process of resizing pics now!

  3. Such an innocent looking box! The ribbon says "Just For You." Hmmmmm - what could this be?

  4. I opened the box upside down, as it turns out. However, I noticed the bags were numbered. Someone must have read that I like gifts that come with instructions!

    So, following the instructions I opened this bag first:

    And inside were these two objects with really pretty packaging!
  5. Yay! Glad you're here!
  6. Im here!
  7. As you'll notice, this gift arrived with great timing. My polish started chipping today, and I was peeling it off.

    I've never seen Rimmel in a round bottle, so that was exciting. And I might have made an audible gasp when I saw the Catrice. :biggrin:


    Rimmel Celebrity Bash
    Catrice LE Holomania ApHolo7
  8. Next were some snacks!

  9. And the next baggie! All of the polishes were wrapped in the really cute plaid giftwrap!



    A gorgeous burgandy: Spoiled Bite Me
    A really fun purple: Clubbing Colors Miss Sporty (I think!, not familiar with the brand)
  10. Yay already first reveal!

    Pretty catrice polishes especially loving the blue one!
  11. [​IMG]


    Love me some Essie! Essie Mink Muffs
    And a Catrice Liquid Sand type polish - heck, yeah! Catrice LE Sand'Sation PLUMbeach
  12. Next was to open the hearts bag:

    Ooooh - tea! I'll steep them, then make a glass of iced tea!


    There was another item, but that gives my bunny away so I'll save that pic for later. :smile:
  13. And after the tea, you definitely need more snacks!

    These appear to be lemon - yummy!
  14. Glad you're here too! I almost dropped that when I saw it. It made my week!
  15. what is that?