Easter Baskets

  1. We don't have kids so I always make an Easter Basket for my DH. Here is this years:

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    I love the deranged looking bunnies. Just wanted to share.
  2. way cute..love it!
  3. Hahaha. I love the bunnies !!!
  4. Aww.. that's so cute !
  5. Where did you find those bunnies? My husband would have gotten a kick out of them! They look nuts!
  6. that's a really cute idea.....never occurred to me to do that but i may have to steal your idea next year :P
  7. I got them at Target!

    And JC2239, feel free to steal away!
  8. my dad is a big candy eater so I made him a basket I just took a picture of it and you should have seen his face when I took it to a different room (for better lighting) he already ate alot of the candies and it also included money ( I too bought everything including the ducky at target)
  9. I always make my BF an Easter basket. The first year when I gave it to him, he was like, "Was I supposed to give you one of these?" (He's much more sensitive now). Well this year he told me not to, b/c he didn't want all the candy lying around. So for the first Easter in five years, I didn't make him one, and he showed up at my house with one for me! I felt so guilty. :sad2: But it was okay...
  10. Absolutely adorable!
  11. you girls are too sweet!!!the baskets are just too cute!you'll have to send me one next easter!!;)
  12. Every year we make my brother an Easter Basket and he is 25. Now he looks for his like the other kids. Priceless.
  13. I love the jelly bean "carrot"!
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