"Easter Bag" instead of Basket...

  1. Ok.. has anyone seen the Medium Flap Classic in the pink or pale blue lamb??? The perfect bag for Easter Day!! Should I go pink or pale blue???:confused1:
  2. I believe last night Personalshoppers from eBay had one in pink.. I cant find it now though..
  3. Oooooooo...that's a tough one...both colours are soooooo gorgeous!!!! :love: :love:
  4. oooh, tough choice...
    but i would vote pink ;)
  5. I vote for the pink.
  6. Aggghhh--an Easter bag---what a great excuse, I mean, IDEA! :graucho:

    I've been trying to refrain from buying a pink bag--no more great ideas!!!
  7. Wow, pale blue!! How many of those are you gonna see out and about? Go for the blue!
  8. I think the blue would be wonderful- but I like the pink too. Sorry- I am obviously no help, only an enabler
  9. Definitely Pink !