Easter Bag and Bunny Pics 2016

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  1. #1 Mar 27, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2016
    Hi, once again I am sharing pics of the bag I've selected to carry on Easter Day along with my pet rabbit HoneyBunny.

    Here she is looking cute with my Bonded East West Town Borough Tote made of Retro Leather in Warm Gray and Oxford Blue 30381 UECNH.

    Happy Easter!

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  2. Here are a few pics of the bag without the bunny. Warm gray is a beautiful color but difficult to photograph. I think the outdoor photo with my Bonnie striped wallet is nearest to the actual color and I love the Oxford Blue suede lining.

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  3. Your bag is gorgeous & your bunny is adorable! Happy Easter!!!
  4. Your bag is very cute...and your bunny is adorable!!!!
  5. Ah, I love that bag! I ordered it on-line from Bloomie's for a steal months ago but it arrived with corner wear so I returned.

    HoneyBunny is a cutie!
  6. Love the bag and your bunny!

  7. Thanks! But that's too bad, although I don't blame you. I got my bag at the outlet for $152 (MSRP = $498) and it was in perfect condition. Sometimes you just get lucky, but I'm always looking forward to the next great bag! Happy Easter!

  8. Thanks, I am enjoying both of them on this Easter Day!
  9. Gorgeous bag -- love warm grey, wished they did more bags in that color. Your bunny is so fluffy cute. We have a bunny that lives in our front yard (was there when we moved in a few years ago). I get very happy every time I see her around her meal time. My lawn is pretty much dead near the bush where she lives but she is worth it.

  10. OMG IM DYING!!! Bunny!!!! Adorable - purse is a beauty but the bunny is killing me. Snuggles!!!
  11. Love your bag but your Honey Bunny is freakin adorable!
  12. I love your bag and bunny pics! Both are wonderful!
  13. Honey Bunny and your Borough are very pretty! Happy Easter!
  14. Thank you for your annual bunny and bag tribute!
  15. :flowers: Happy Easter to you too ! What an adorable picture , that bunny is soooo cute !
    The borough is a favorite of mine. and yours looks really nice with that beautiful blue interior ! Enjoy !