east west

  1. how much are the east west bags?can somebody post pics of the bag pls...and what is the difference from the classic flaps?thanks!:angel:
  2. That reference library link is great but Im not sure if its mentioned that the new east/west which is currently $1795 now has a back pocket as well.
  3. there's new collection for s/s called east west, are you referring to that?
  4. The e/w is now $1,995.
  5. ^ Omigosh, that price is so high *sweatdrops*

    Wasn't it like $1095 or something a year ago? I wonder how high they plan to ultimately go? I fear it will go over $2K very soon....
  6. do east west bags come in different sizes like the classic flaps?
  7. are east west bags made of caviar?
  8. there is caviar and lambskin.
  9. ^ Yes, and I think there is only one size. :smile:

    I'm still quite new to Chanel as well, but so far I've learned that (please correct me if I am wrong): E/W bags also fall under the category of classic flaps bags.

    The "Timeless" collection is an umbrella term that includes the small, medium, jumbo, and E/W flap bags. The small, medium and jumbo are slightly more high, while the E/W is a shorter "pochette"-style bag.

    HTH! :smile:
  10. thanks for the info! :smile:
  11. Wow, who can keep up with these prices! And yes, these bags were $1050 a little over a year ago and I considered them at the time to be one of Chanel's best buys.
  12. If you are lucky, you may be able to snatch it at the old price of $1395 like I did a month ago. :yes:
  13. It went up again!? Didn't it increase to $1750 just a few months ago? I love the e/w, and I was going to buy it, but now I can't justify spending that much for a small bag. I might as well get a bigger flap. :graucho: At least with the large or jumbo I can use it daily.

  14. Yes, but now they added a back pocket.:wlae: