East/West Stam...

  1. Anyone bought this bag yet? Or tried it on maybe? I'm thinking to purchase one but it's not available where I am! :smile:
  2. I have not, but am also anxious to hear a real-life review!
  3. I tried one at Nordstrom on Saturday. I really am considering getting a black one. It's just got a nice size and shape to it and the leather feels wonderful.
  4. When I tried it at Nordys it felt like I was carrying an awkward tube!
  5. Just bought mine over the phone from the vegas store. I'm soooooooo excited!!!!! I saw one at the MJ trunk show long ago, and from what I remember, it was adorable! I like that it wan't as big as the stam it was a much more pratical shape. I'm having it sent overnight to I'll tell everyone tomorrow!
  6. Thank you! But now I've seen pics of the stam hobo I think I'm liking the hobo better :rolleyes:

    ilovehandbagslots, have you received your bag? Please post pics! :nuts:
  7. think i saw that on bloomies website for sale.... check it out=)
  8. Hi! I bought the E/W Stam - and I love it!

    I'd been debating getting a stam for months - my issue with it was it's size - it was too bulky for my 5'1 frame, especially the slouchier leathers. For me, the E/W version was much more proportional and much sleeker. The leather is more structured than the original stam's, so it tends towards 50s ladylike styles vs. the slouchy casualness of the original.

    I love her! She looks great night or day, with jeans or with little black dresses. If I get time this weekend, I'll try and take pics!
  9. Jbelle - Please do post pics. I'm interested in this or the Stam hobo. Can't wait to see it on you!
  10. I was at my local Neiman's (Tyson's Corner in VA) and saw both the Stam hobo and East/West Stam in black. The hobo was cute, but definitely very large - perfect for someone who loves large bags or has a lot of carry. The East/West was very sleek and lovely in person.