East West questions

  1. Is the East West longer than a medium/large Classic Flap. From dimensions I've seen the dimensions in other threads, and I'm thinking it's the same length, but it looks longer. Maybe it's just an illusion.

    Also, does it have a pocket in the front of the bag, under the flap?
  2. i guess it is a bit longer than usuall classic flaps ,,,not sure though ...

    i think it doesnt have the pocket ur referring to,instead it has two open top pockets from the inside,, will try to look it up 4u
  3. here it is .. the Pic is from an ebay auction :smile:

  4. Thanks for the picture, Chloe!
  5. ur welcome :smile:
  6. it just looks longer, because of of the short height of the bag. also, it doesn't have the zip pocket under the flap. i love my single flap (east west) bag though. it's very chic.
  7. esile is correct! its not actually longer, it just appears longer because its not as tall.
    the classic looks more squarish because its taller.