east west questions

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  1. Hi there,

    Sorry for my ignorance since I'm fairly new to Chanel but I'm saving up for this bag. I have a couple questions:

    Does it matter if the Chanel bag says "Made In Italy" or "Made In France?" Both are still fine, right?

    Also, does Chanel also make a non-adjustable strap in the east west bag?

  2. Chanel bags are made both in Italy and in France. Both are OK.

    I don't quite understand your second question - but I don't own an east/west flap so maybe somebody else can help. As I recall the east/west has only one continues chain, correct?
  3. Yes, it's continuous but as I was reading through some previous posts, some had an adjustable chain strap w/ hooks to make the bag hang right below armpit if you wanted or lower. Hopefully that makes more sense..???:shrugs:

    IIRC, beautylicious had one w/ an adjustable strap.
  4. Interesting. I guess I never noticed whether the strap was adjustable (had hooks). I didn't know that. I'm interested in hearing other's responses - maybe including pics.
  5. My east/west has an adjustable strap. It's a great feature.

  6. So did Chanel make some with an adjustable chain strap and some w/o?????
  7. The chain on my e/w isn't terribly long as it is, but it is adjustable. If you look at the chains with the flap up (inside view), one of the end clasps has a bar. Swing the bar out to the side to do the adjustment. Swing the bar back in place to is original position.
  8. I have no idea if they have both kinds. I've only heard of adjustable.
  9. Would love to see a visual.
  10. I'm only half tech savvy. I know "huzbent" took pics on the interior in outdoor light but we never posted them. I'll have him bring the pics up on his laptop tonight and see if the difference in the two ends of the last link of the chains is discernable. Only one of the links has the swing open bar piece.

    Funny thing, I read here that they were adjustable but didn't see the bar. I had Joe go to Tysons and ask them to show him to to adjust. (So, it's not THAT obvious.)
  11. It is indeed not really obvious at first, but when I bought my E/W I remembered I saw an eBay auction once where someone showed a picture as to where to adjust the chain (in the left corner of the bag). Once you know how to adjust it, then it's a very simple procedure.
  12. Thanks Beautylicious. That's exactly it!!! BTW, I think your chain is considerable longer than mine. Mine doesn't drop down very far. It's pretty close to the orbs, if you get my drift, and that's at the longest. (rats, shorted again!)