East West or Vintage Jumbo???? HELP!

  1. Okay.. so here is my story.

    I have a Black Caviar E/W with GOLD H/W on hold $1395. I need to decide if I want that by this Thurs (NOV 1 >> PRICE INCREASE!!!)

    I've recently discovered the black vintage Jumbo flap~ (worn by Nicole Richie) and fell in LOVE. so I was wondering, if I should go with the E/W or the Vintage Jumbo on eBay???

    What do you guys think??

    OR.. I was thinking .. if white caviar with gold hardware if available in the east west, ill get that. and look for the vintage jumbo in black later~ cause im sure the prices of the jumbo will stay the same u know??? whereas the east west is constantly increasing.. ahhhh! =(
  2. I'd go with the e/w. The price is going to go up in a few days so you'd have to pay $1600ish to get it later. You can always find another vintage jumbo flap on eBay again. They do turn up quite a bit. I have never seen a white e/w with gold hardware. Just silver.
  3. For what it's worth, I think you should be able to track down a vintage jumbo in the future. You may have to wait but I don't think it will be incredibly hard.

    That said, while I like the EW, I don't think it is the most practical of bags. I'd end up leaning towards the vintage just because I LOVE that bag vs. the EW which I think is nice but it isn't my favorite.
  4. I'd get the vintage jumbo. You will get a lot more use out of this size bag versus the e/w
  5. I'm a fan of the e/w and have acquired 3. They're light and easy to carry. The larger bags (227 and jumbos) have the annoying habit of jumping off my shoulder and sliding down my arm. Before I say go with the e/w just because you'll pay more next week, the choice should be based upon use. Those are two extremes size wise. How much do you tend to schlep? No sense in getting something you're not going to use that often.
  6. although I like the e-w it's not the most practical of bags.It all depends on what use you want to make of it!If you intend to use it as more formal bag or just a bag to go out for the evening then you must get it !If you intend to use it as an everyday bag then I'd suggest you get the jumbo!:yes::smile:
  7. I would get a E/W. you can always get vintage jumbo on eBay.
  8. I would go with the e-w as it is from a store, so you know it is authentic as long as you will use it. It is small. I want to get one at some point, but it will be an evening bag for me.
  9. I would get an E/W. You can always buy a vintage Jumbo later.
  10. vintage jumbo
  11. Id get the E/W as vintage is great but E/W is going up in price soon
  12. I would go with the jumbo :heart:
  13. Go for the e/w flap bag as you can always find one of those jumbo flap bag on ebay which i bought two of them there.
  14. e/w because it is lighter and versatile. vintage jumbo is HUGE..
  15. sorry double post

    again, i'd say the e/w.. hehehe..