East/West or North/South

  1. Hi !
    I am sorry if this has already been posted here. I am new to the bag world and MK will be my first 'expensive' bag purchase. A black Hamilton :biggrin:

    I am confused about the north/south east/west thing ! I'm 5' 7 and was all set on a large but now I don't know how to choose the directions lol. I do not have an MK near me. Will be getting it via a friend in London :smile:

    Thank youu !
  2. The E/W tote is smaller than the N/S tote. The E/W is wider than it is tall and the N/S is taller than it is wide. Personally, I have two N/S totes and I think they are the perfect size, but I like big bags. I can't fit all my things in the E/W totes.
    Hope this makes sense and helps.
  3. Thank you ! That helped :smile:
    So wait, medium and large are actually e/w and n/s ?
  4. Basically. There's an X-Large also, but they are more like a weekend bag and very hard to find. Not an everyday bag - that's for sure!
    Let us know what you decide on!
  5. I sure will ! Can't wait :biggrin:
  6. I like the proportions of the N/S much better, personally :smile:

    Be sure to post your reveal here when you get your new bag, too!
  7. Thanks :smile:

    I think I'll just order the wallet for now and get the Hamilton in person when I head abroad. I do not want to miss the experience of buying and trying out my Hamilton in the MK store :p *total fan girl*
  8. I much prefer the look of the NS.
  9. I like the e/w better. The e/w at the michael kors outlet is larger than the e/w at the michael kors store.