East West or Medium Flap


Which classic flap bag should be my first Chanel?

  1. East West

  2. Medium Flap

  3. Other, will list recommendation

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  1. I am a total Chanel newbie drifting from the LV side and after reading for awhile, you all have convinced me that it's time to get my first Chanel bag. I have narrowed my choices down to either the black caviar east west flap bag or the black caviar medium classic flap bag. Did I even say the names right, lol? Which would be more classic? Anyone have comparison pics? Are both styles readily available? Also, I am purchasing these bags next month so does anyone know what will the new higher prices be? I intend to use these bags for going out at night, dinners, and parties so I only need space for cell phone, wallet, compact, lipstick and keys.
  2. As a chanel newbie myself from balenciaga, I just purchased a chanel E/W in light beige I say go with the E/W caviar flap..
  3. E/W in lambskin with new chain :love:
  4. e/w would be my choice! Great bag and the price is lower.
  5. If you don't need to carry a lot definitely go for the e/w...good price...
  6. hmmm....I want to say medium classic but something in my head keeps telling me e/w. I really dig the shape of the e/w. It's very flattering and feminine. In regards to how much it can hold the ladies keep saying it holds the same amount as the medium flap. I don't have both, but some of the ladies here do and can show you the difference!
  7. I voted for the medium classic (gold hardware) only because it's truly the classic. That said the e/w is a cool little bag that doesn't have that inner flap. Whichever one you choose, you're going to love it. Neither disappoints. (They hold the same, so it's truly a toss of the coin in that repect.) Try them both and see which one you love.
  8. East West. I think it's very chic.
  9. Thanks. I am getting really excited to get my first Chanel. All I am definite about is that it is going to be black caviar and a flap. Seems like the East West is in the lead so far. A month seems so far away.
  10. I say the east west mainly because I have it in red with silver hardware and true you cannot carry a ton, so it is great for shopping around or having lunch or dinner..I use my LV key cles (a tip from Luccibag) for a few CCs, some cash, and then I can fit my glass case, cell phone, lip gloss and pen.
  11. hmm I'll definately try the lv cles tip...:p
  12. black caviar medium classic flap
  13. I think the size of the jumbo is the most practical for an everyday bag!
  14. If just for at night either classic or east west would be perfect!
  15. ooooh yes! I second that.