East west hands ( nail salon) LA

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  1. http://www.eastwesthands.com/

    they all so do thai massages

    Just passing info along

    East West Hands will help you overcome your anxiety. The comfy, clean, spacious salon offers friendly service as well as manicures ($12) and pedicures ($20) that are fast, pretty, and precise. The salon’s still relatively new, so though their magazine selection is solid, you might want to B.Y.O. polish if you have a special color in mind. (They have good OPI options, just not a ton of them.)
    Reflexology can be added to treatments, and at $50 an hour the authentic Thai massage is a steal.
    Just what you need to let go of your fears, relax, and enjoy your mani/pedi.
    You’re in good hands.

    East West Hands, 171 South Fairfax Avenue, between Third Street and Beverly Boulevard, Fairfax (323-935-2670 or eastwesthands.com)
  2. Going to be in LA for a few days end of January - made a note of this place - plan to go with my "guy" who also enjoys this kind of pampering - Thanks!