East West - fully lined or not?

  1. Hi everyone,

    Can other owners of East West Bayswaters let me know if their bags are fully lined or not please? And, for how how long has this style been available?

    My (one!) Mulberry is an E/W Bayswater in oak printed leather and it's fully lined, but I've seen oak printed E/Ws on eBay which aren't. I'm just curious as to whether these are older stock, as it seems odd that Mulberry would make some of the current E/Ws with full lining and others not.

    Cheers :biggrin:

    Goldfinch xx
  2. I'm not sure but I think it depends on what leather the bag comes in.( the darwin leather tends to be unlined)
    The Indigo one I have just ordered is in Buffalo leather, so I'll let you know when it arrives.