East West flaps now with back pockets!?

  1. Anyone seen this yet?? I just saw a couple in the Waikiki boutique and was told they were new spring season. A little dissapointed that now they decided to add a pocket but then looking closely at them they looked a little odd....small and not aligned well. I always thought I would love the E/W even more if it had that pocket but in comparison the one without acutally looks a little nicer to me....
  2. what colors did you manage to see for the new spring e/w flaps??!? so exciting!
  3. C, the new classic black and beige come with the back pocket now
  4. ^^Yeah, they were black and beige with gold hardware (what I saw). Honestly I wasn't impressed, I'm very picky with flaps, some E/W's don't close the way I like them and the leather on the sides stick out beyond the flap (hard to explain) but both of them did this.....not impressed for $1750 but I'm sure there are better ones out there.
  5. Lola, I just tried the black E/W with gold h/w today. I also thought the stitches of the back pocket did not align with the stitches of the bag. Definitely odd looking. If it wasn't for the misalignment, I actually prefer the E/W with the back pocket - it has nothing to do with aesthetics. I generally love big bags so I love the idea of the tiny extra space the pocket offers.
  6. ^^I agree about the back pocket, I always loved the look of the E/W, it's perfect for me because I tend to like smaller bags with shorter straps (and the single adjustable chain was perfect). When I was getting my E/W I was a little bummed there was no back pocket so then when I saw the new ones with a pocket I was like what the heck!! LOL..... anyway not loving the way it looks though, kinda shocked.
  7. I love the e/w with the new back pocket!!!
  8. I just saw one with the back pocket. I really like it.