east west flap needs help! so confused

  1. so i've been reading the threads about the east west flap, i'm so confused rite now, does it have only one chain with leather interwoven? or does it have double chain with leather interwoven like the classic flaps? and what are the prices of the 2? i really want to buy one, but i have to buy it over the phone so ppl PLEASE if you can, POST pics of both styles and chains please!!!
    much love!!!! :heart:
  2. Single chain, leather interwoven, no back pocket is 1395 in caviar and 1550 in lambskin.

    Double chain, leather interwoven, with back pocket, metallic lambskin is 1995. They have black and gold color.

    I forgot the price for eastwest with new chain.
  3. I believe it is the same price for the new chain, someone on here just got one and the tag said 1395.
  4. Is the price for the east/west going up in September?? =(
  5. The price is going up on sept. It'll be $100 more if i'm not mistaken.
  6. katie is correct on pricing. i purchased a red lambskin for $1550 a few months ago, though before the price increase i paid $1195 (or somewhere around there) my beige lambskin! i recently saw a blue fonce caviar for $1395 at the sf chanel boutique.
  7. Has red flaps been confirmed for fall? I really want a red east/west.

  8. This is just ridiculous! Three price increases in just one year! and the E/W bags used to cost just about a thousand dollars. At this rate, it would have the same price as the classic 2.55 bags! I really wanted to buy an E/W for my mom, but this is just really too much. Maybe by 2008, they'll be 2K! I'd rather save for Hermes if that's the case... :cursing:
  9. Thanks for the info, Katie123. I didn't know about the 1995 e/w flaps having a double chain. I wish they would re-release this style as I prefer the double chain.
  10. I thought prices were not going up until November. Is it only the east/west that is going up in price?
  11. Single, traditional interwoven strap comes in Caviar and Lambskin. Caviar is $1395, Lambskin is $1550.

    Double, Bijoux chain I'm unsure of the price.

    I'm partial to the old strap, so here are a few photos:
    Beige-Rose Lambskin E/W
    Red Lambskin E/W (which I just sold sniff*)
    Grey Caviar E/W