east/west flap bag colors?

  1. Thanks to all the very helpful people on this forum I have bought my first chanel which is the MC flap, but I still havent gotton it yet, however i am already planning out my next purchase!!! So this is my question, I think I want to get the east west falp bag, but I wanted to know what colors it comes in besides black. I really want a red bag, but I called my SA and they only had black and tan. Does Chanel make a red every season? Is there hope for a red chanel for me? I also would be interested in grey, would that be an option? Any help would be appreciated!!! Thanks!!
  2. My NM had a black, light blue and violet last time I was there.
    I never see red bags hardly. :sad:
  3. Chanel in SF has black, beige, white, violet and slate blue.

    Violet and slate blue is LE
  4. Chanel Sydney has baby blue, latte, chocolate, beige, blush and black.
  5. allbrands is this in caviar?
  6. Can't remember all the details.

    baby blue wash lambskin, latte lambskin, lambskin choc, ?beige/blush, black i think was in caviar.....can't be sure. You might have to give Chanel a call Fray.
  7. ok thanks everyone!! So is there no hope for a red one?
  8. BagLover ... who knows they may release in for summer collection? im dyyyyying too here 2 get a red 2.55 or east west chanel ... i'll let u know if i get any info from my SA :smile:

  9. My SA told me chanel was going to do a lipstick red east-west this spring. How gorgeous would that be!!:love:
  10. thanks everyone!! I hope your SA is right PGN! I will hold out for the spring colors then, when do those usually come out?