East/west flap, anyone know the dimensions?

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  1. I searched but couldn't find the dimensions of this bag. If anyone knows this, I'd appreciate it. Also, if you have it, does it hold more or less than an LV pochette? Also, what colors does it come in? If anyone can find or post a modeling pic, I'd love one. I want to get a flap before the price increase Feb.1.
  2. - it measures 10"l x 5.5"h x 2"d

    - here's comparison pics for the east/west and pochette. imo the Chanel holds more stuff only because it is thicker and a little bit longer than the pochette but with the east/west, you have to be strategic, haha.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    - I'm not too sure what colors they come in at the moment, sorry.

    -and modeling pics here

    HTH! You definitely need one, the east/west is such a great bag!
  3. Hi mello_yello_jen!!!

    I Love your flap bag....and the color is totally gorgy too!!!!!
  4. Thank you so much!! You're a sweetie and the bag looks fabulous on you!
  5. At my Chanel boutique, they only have them in grey, brown, violet... I wish they had other colors!
  6. I have a black one in caviar and love it. I've also seen a beige one at the store. It's gorgeous in that color too!
  7. It is definitely a great bag. My DH got me a white caviar one for Mother's day and the adjustable strp is great. You will love it!
  8. It comes in red too!
  9. I love love love this bag!! I have it in blue from this past fall!!

    You just gotta have it.

    I have also seen this bag in white (beautiful), grey and violet from this fall, black and red (I got the red from Hawaii but exchanged it for the blue). The red was a true red but on the caviar texture it looks a little bit old for me so I exchanged it for this blue one.
    10. Dark Blue Caviar East-West Classic Flap Bag.JPG
  10. i am currently having a fascination with blue, i absolutely LOVE that colour :nuts::heart:
  11. DAWN!!!!!!! Great to see you here finally :yahoo: and thanks!!

    spylove - no problem! I'm glad it helped :smile: