east-west, classic flap or luxe bowler?

  1. for my first chanel bag? i wanna be able to use it til im older. any suggestions?
  2. classic flap or east-west if you want it to be timeless :smile:
  3. ^^ Totally agree
  4. Even though my Luxe bowler is my favorite Chanel, I agree that the classic flap is more timeless. I have a jumbo classic flap in dark brown and it really is a fabulous bag to carry.
  5. Classic flap or the east west I love these two styles they are timeless
  6. Classic flap if you want it to be forever!
  7. yupyup, classic or east-west!
  8. I agree that it should be classic or east=west. But I think east-west is a bit younger and you might like it more.
  9. whichever style suits you best. The 2 styles are so unlike each other as is the leather.
    I prefer the bowler, even w/ the timeless angle thrown in. The flap isn't teh right bag for everyone.
  10. The east west was my first bag!

    I love all three of them. However I'd vote for Classic and east west if you still wanna carry it when you're older.
  11. I like the CLassic :smile: it's a bit bigger than the east west/single flap
  12. ^ Totally agree ! The east /west is too small ! if you've got the mone for a lux bowler then go w/ a Jumbo or Large Classic Flap . You will NOT be disappointed !
  13. ^^^^ I agree. A jumbo or a large classic flap is classic. It's roomier than the east west flap.
  14. Classic for timeless although east west comes a close second and looks younger
  15. classic flaps are SO timeless!!! BUT the Lux Bowler is SO yummy!!! You could always buy one now and get the other one later... no harm in having 2 chanel bags! hehehe!