East/West Black Caviar with Silver Hardware

  1. I have a question. Has this bag changed at all in style since Dec. 2006? I bought one for $1095+ tax at the Fifth Avenue store in Dec 2006. My sister now wants to buy one, but I think from what I've read on this forum that the E/W now costs $1700? Is this true? Is it still the same bag/same style or has something changed to justify this increase?!
  2. Nope .. it's just a price increase in two steps. It's still the same bag
  3. Pretty horrific, isn't it? I'm just so shocked by how much that bag has gone up in little over a year!
  4. Same here. I'm kicking myself for not buying it early last year, when it was $1300.
  5. Same bag, no changes.
  6. me too, me too!:sad:
  7. The price increases are crazy. It's not like leather is part of a "market" like gold or platinum.
  8. There's a back pocket on the new ones, but certainly not worth an additional $800! :cursing:

    I'm also kicking myself for not getting them early 2007 (for approximately $1100). Fortunately, I was able to get one from Saks before it went up to $1795.