East-West Bayswater

  1. I love the Bayswater bag, but actually need to buy a smaller bag next, so I was thrilled to see the East-West Bayswaters (are these new?). I especially love it in indigo. I don't know that much about Mulberry yet, only been following them for a year or so after I bought my Elgin, so I thought I'd ask those who know better. Is this bag (and this color) something that is likely to be discounted in the sale after Christmas? I'm planning my next bag purchase for October, and I'd hate to pay full price then, if the bag will be on sale in a few months. So should I wait or just go for it? Is there a risk that they will all be sold out before I have a chance to buy it? Of course, I need to go to my shop to see it in real life before making up my mind, but it never hurts to ask...
  2. The indigo east-west is not in stores yet so I doubt they will be on sale soon after Christmas. my 2 cents anyway.

    I was wanting the indigo too but wanted the east-west right away so I got the black natural leather instead and boy is it a beauty! I have the oak bayswater and the choco ledbury and I actually like the black best.

    I suggest you keep checking your store so you'll know right away when it's there.
  3. ^^ I agree, am pretty sure this will not be part of any Christmas sales. It is such a new bag and in a classic style. Likelihood is that is will probably not be reduced
  4. Thank you for your thoughts. I was afraid it might be so.. I'd better then just save up :smile: