East west bayswater, mod pics needed!

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  1. Has anyone got the East West Bayswater? I tried to search pics, but there was only few of them, and they were not modelling pics.
    So if anyone has that bag, could you please take pics.

    And how much does the bag hold? Or is it just a waste of money, and I should get bayswater instead?

    thanks ladies in advance.
  2. Hi
    I have an e/w and I LOVE it! I love the bayswater style, but the bayswater is just to big for me. I hope to get an oak e/w later this year!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. Lillan that is a beautiful bag! Is it NVT printed? And could I ask you, is it lined or suede on the inside?
  4. Yes, it is NVT printed. The inside is suede. I must admit for a bag that size, I thought the price was more than enough. But after seeing her, I think she is so worth the money. I love the look with smaller print in the middle, and lager print on both sides of the bag.
  5. Thanks for that Lillan. Like you, I find the Bays a bit big, and your E/W looks just perfect! I'll definitely try it next time I'm in a Mulberry shop... What do you think, Charlotta?