East West bays

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  1. Hi everyone

    I've not posted on the forum before but have a few Mulberry bits and pieces and would appreciate your expert help!

    I have an oak east west bays and would love to get one in black congo / print, but I am a bit confused as to the different varieties in the shops and outlets. I've seen this style in Cheshire Oaks and House of Fraser and I wondered if they are exactly the same bag, or if the ones in Cheshire Oaks are special purchases? Does anybody know the difference?

    TIA! Tallie
  2. I thought special purchases were only for outlets, but noticed that in HoF Glasgow, the congo e/w bays have special purchase on the label.
  3. I think they are the same bag as the outlet ones.
  4. I wonder why they are selling specials in HOF? Does anyone know what the difference is between the natural leather East West bays and the Congo special purchase, is it just the leather or is the hardware different? Thanks!
  5. Also does anyone know how much an E/W bays in black congo is in the outlets?
  6. I think the hardware etc is exactly the same, just the leather that is different. Very tempting at that price! Not sure how much they go for in the outlets, would imagine its much the same?
  7. There were some mock croc type (sorry not up on leather names!) East West Bays in my HoF with 'special purchase' on the label, the SA said they were 'made for the sale' as they didn't have enough to go in it! Any unsold ones would go to the outlets. I think they were about £280 ish
  8. Hi yep. I saw it sold for 270 ish in HoF Croydon and couldn't help to snatch one when they have another 20% off everything in store, so I only paid something like 220.
  9. No sorry, but Bicester yesterday had lots of Black and Brown Congo Bays and I think they had E/W Bays too - give them a call (if you are in the UK - sorry, I didn't look at that before I posted - they will not send overseas!).
  10. Hi everyone

    Thanks for your help, I managed to track down an E/W Bays in black congo yesterday at HOF with 20%, so very pleased! It arrives tomorrow. Ali-bagpuss - I actually drove past Bicester last Thursday night as I was working in London but managed to resist stopping for a look!
  11. Congrats on the purchase Tallie, and an extra 20% is always welcome :tup:
  12. Well done you. Congrats