east coast sleepers

  1. hey, anyone know of bag designers that are on the rise with stores in the east coast? preferably nj but i know thats not always possible
  2. Where's passerby? She would know! Get in here ma'am :biggrin:
  3. LOL at abandoned. Aarti, I can't comment on which new designers are becoming popular in stores or boutiques on the East Coast but will say this: check out sites like


    and (I'll say this not for the first time) grechenscloset.com :biggrin:

    Just curious - what do you think of this? It's minamalist, as mentioned in the product description:

    Nava Milano Brown Messenger Bag
    Nava Milano Brown V Messenger STITCH Wicker Park Bucktown Chicago.jpg Nava Milano Brown V messenger model STITCH.jpg
  4. Been browsing around websites of a few Chicago boutiques (those that do have websites, that is).

    Ply Design products look interesting.

    Their backpack has, according to their website, won an award from I.D. Magazine:


    Their "Patch" handbag can be worn over the shoulder or across the body. I think it's cute.

    Ply Design Large Stella

    Ply Design Mini Stella

  5. let me go check it out, as for the first bag i love it, i reallly do..in fact so much im thinking of buying one soon.. the backpack is cute as well
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