EAST COAST ppl - fav weekend getaways?

Feb 13, 2006
My bf and I want to go on a little weekend getaway in may/june. Somewhere not too far from us (NYC), not TOO expensive, and within driving range (3-4 hrs most). I know about the major cities but thinking of a smaller town or city where we can just relax instead of feeling like we have to see all the sights - like d.c., boston, or philly. I was thinking maybe Cape Cod, or somewhere like that but what is there to do ibesides eat seafood and look at the ocean? And have you ever stayed in a bed and breakfast??


Perhaps, Love?
Feb 25, 2006
I am not from East Coast and only visited it couple of times. However, I did see an episode of $40 Day of Rachael Ray talking about Saratoga Spring, supposedly in the upstate New York. It looks like a small town setting with really beautiful surroundings, sort of like Carmel here in California.. maybe you'll want to check that out.
Here's the link of the episode: http://www.foodnetwork.com/food/show_ad/episode/0,,FOOD_9947_31806,00.html


Jan 26, 2006
Niagara Falls is the best. Its an incredible place to go if you have never been there. Our family usually goes once a year. The kids love it and all my husband and I say is that we would love to be there alone! LOL
Check it out. If you need more information let me know. Its not at all like people think. The amount of stuff to do there is incredible!



Mar 9, 2006
If you're looking for small towns- Cape May, NJ is beautiful. Tons of Victorian houses. You can stay at a bed & breakfast, lots of antique stores, it's very peaceful and very pretty. It's the off season right now, so you can get a really good deal on a room. The town's website is: http://www.capemay.com/

I live in Philadelphia, and it's a fun place to visit if you haven't been in a while (or at all). Lots of good restaurants & bars. Good shopping, especially on Walnut Street (where I work-so dangerous!). I can suggest a few places to for good food and drinks, if you decide on Philly.

I went on a weekend trip to Boston last fall, and it's a beautiful city, especially right around Harvard. I'm going again next October, and really looking forward to it.

Hope you have a good time no matter where you go!


Jan 11, 2006
I live near Boston. We always drive up to Vermont! Love it! Go to Manchester, Vermont. There's tons of outlets. It's absolutely beautiful there- really pretty and relaxing. Great restaurants! People are friendly. There's a lot of B&B- the hotel to stay at is the Equinox. I highly reccommend it!


Jan 6, 2006
I have two suggestions
1. (i'm from upstate ny) Go to the finger lakes region, and take a wine tour. Some of the best wine comes from the finger lake area!)
2. Long Beach Island (or LBI) in NJ. It is beautiful there, I try and go once a year, I usually stay in surf city.