East Coast Blizzard Reveal: My Men’s LV HG Bag # 2- Jumping for Joy!

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  1. East Coast Blizzard Reveal: My Men’s LV HG Bag # 2

    This time I came prepared. I just prepared the entire reveal on Microsoft Word so I can just copy and paste. My last reveal was problematic because my wireless mouse died and I had to use the trackpad. Bummer.

    The weather is CRAZY this week so I’m inside sipping on hot chocolate and looking for a good movie. Suddenly it occurred to me that I never revealed my most recent LV addition to my tpf friends. I was taking the LSAT today, but it was canceled due to the snowstorm.

    Setting the scene:

    Allow me to entertain you with a few photos from my window:


    Neighbor’s roof- This can definitely be dangerous when the snow becomes ice.


    Everything is iced over!


    Icy trees


    Next door neighbor’s Z4 almost covered.

  2. omgosh that snow looks absolutely repulsive. i hate cold weather! it's freezing right now where i live, but i'm soo glad there is no snow for now..
  3. ^ LOL. It is repulsive. But at least I got the day off. :yahoo::yahoo:
  4. Ever saw something you really wanted but
    never really thought you'd be able to have one?

    Well, I've had tons of experiences like that.
    And that feeling you get when you actually
    get what you want is more than satisfactory.

    My heart skipped a beat when I saw this bag!!!

    Now I have one of my own- the day that FedEx delivered it,
    I sat it at the foot of my bed and glanced over at it
    a few times throughout the day.

    A brown bag sat ever so beautifully on my floor, begging to explored.

  5. :shocked: where is this?
  6. Lol. Washington, DC, USA- We never get this much snow. News anchors in the area are having a ball covering the snow stories.
  7. And I bit the bait.

  8. Sorry about the blizzard but let's see your reveal!!
  9. ^ Had to refill my tea mug. I love weekends. ;)

    Any guesses? Oooh. I just love blue.

  10. Whatcha got in the hot chocolate brown bag to warm your toes???
  11. Looking good already!
  12. Something blue...
  13. :graucho:
  14. Ok, one more hint. It’s named after the Vail, Colorado Ski Resort

    Photo property of: geochristian.files.wordpress.com
  15. Ok, no more stalling. Here she is…:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    Louis Vuitton Vail Blanket Cabas


    I LVoe LV