East Asian Nose job in South Korea vs. in North America Price and Experience


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Jul 10, 2020
Hi, I'm thinking of getting a nose job. In North America, I've seen Dr. Donald B. Yoo's results and he seems pretty good. Though he quotes 20K USD and that is quite expensive. In Canada I haven't seen anyone outstanding. The ones I've seen like to use silicon nose implants which is alright but seems a bit cookie cutter but charge below 10K CAD. Since my nose is something I'm gonna have forever I'd rather not have the same nose as every girl who passes through their office. In South Korea, the prices seem to spin around the same as in Canada, maybe a bit more, but there's the added cost of travel and hotel. Though I'd get to have more fun and explore a bit. Can anyone share their experience and how much they paid for their Asian rhinoplasty in North America or South Korea? Thanks!


Sep 11, 2020
Hi! I am considering Dr. Yoo. I originally was planning to go to Korea because of the timeline being that I needed a consultation with Dr. Yoo at least 2 months before booking a surgery date. I thought I didn’t have enough time because I want to have surgery on a specific date. Long story short, Korea is crossed off my list because the date I want with Dr. Yoo is available. But he quoted me $22,600! I haven’t dropped a 50% deposit yet as I am now contemplating on getting a rhino or not. That is a lot of money and I haven’t seen him in person..did a virtual consultation and didn’t get the most out of it. Was about 30 minutes long.