"Easiest to care for" white leather bag?


Jul 16, 2015
Let me start out by saying that for most of my life, my wardrobe has been very dark... Black, black and more black items, some grey, charcoal, with an odd khaki or burgundy item here and there.

This spring I am leaning more towards the lighter shades of the spectrum... namely white. I feel that I'm really getting into white colored items and would like a white bag, preferably a mini sized one (but enough to fit my iphone 6+).

I know from experience with my mom's white lambskin Chanel that white lambskins are extremely difficult to care for. Any suggestions on what kind of leather/bag was white or very light colored (like pastel) but was not as difficult as you thought?


May 23, 2009
G-orgeous H-eaven
Nothing looks as glamourous as a white or ivory bag IMO

I have a few white/v. light bags and I travel through cities . I've had my YSL, Ivory Majorelle for 7 years and only wore it a few weeks ago to catch many compliments. Having said that, any white/v. light bag that's not completely smooth leather like lamb is going to be better because the eye is 'tricked'. LV Epi leather is slightly easier to care for (my mother's bag) and my white/multi Gucci Flora Nice cleans-up good as new. I've just bought a white ostrich bag! Basically, if you clean off any visible dust/dirt off a light bag when you first spot it it's really not so hard.


Feb 11, 2016
Santa Monica, USA
Pattern-embossed (Ex. croc, lizard) holds up really well. Also, LV monogram vernis and epi leather both hold up great for lighter colors. I'm like you and have too many dark colored purses; I love my white croc embossed ysl to pieces and I've never had to worry about color transfer with it.