Easier to wear non-designer for a few years than a designer for a few years...

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  1. Do you guys feel like that it is much easier to wear that Forever 21 dress u bought 3 years ago than a designer dress you bought 3 years (or 6 seasons ago)?

    I mean, if you are wearing that Forever 21 dress, most people wouldn't recognise it from 3 years ago, would they?

    However, as for designer clothes, say, a Marc Jacobs dress you bought in 2004 and now its 2007 and u want to wear it but are you afraid people will come up to you and say "isn't that like so summer 2004?"

    It really annoys me coz i spend much more on the Marc Jacobs dress than the Forever 21 dress yet i feel like I can't wear the Marc Jacobs dress 3 years later.

    Does anyone feel the same way? or have a solution to this?
  2. i think you should wait at least five years to wear that dress again, unless its a timeless piece like a leopard dolce & gabbana dress, or a dvf wrap dress then it doesn't matter when you wear it :tup: hope this helps
  3. If you buy the ad campaign dress, people will probably know. But if you buy something like from the resort collection, no one will know (besides the most watchful fashion editor). Also, it's how you put it together, you can take a 2003 dress and pair it creatively with vintage accessories and a current bag and make it a whole new look.
  4. Me personally, would never know what year it came from. I just wear what I think looks cute and hip, designer or not.
  5. I actually feel the opposite--that my designer clothes are the pieces that I will keep and wear forever. But clothes that I have from Forever 21 or H&M are just trendy pieces that I wear a couple times, but since they are not very good quality they will not last for years, like my designer clothes. I couldn't picture myself wearing anything I own from Forever 21 in 3 years from now (if the clothes would even hold up for that long) as a lot of the clothes there are very season specific and trendy and would look strange in a couple years.
    Some of my designer items that I have now, though, I would feel weird wearing later--like a really recognizable/trendy item--but most I feel I will keep and wear for a long time.
  6. I think that what's most important is that it reflects your personality and your taste. Personally, I only get rid of clothes if my style changes drastically, designer or non-designer. The idea of staying "current" in fashion seems rediculous in my opinion. Why should one follow the trends of the season and ignore the creative expression side of fashion? Besides, even if people say "Isn't that three years old?" what does that say about them? It says that they're fashion victims who only follow what the magazines say the trends and "must-haves" for the season are, when you're just expressing yourself.
  7. Are there really that many people that say "OMG your dress is from 2004!" IMO, that's reaaaaally weird to say/think that.
  8. Well, someone did say something similar to that to me once. :sad:

    Regarding quality, i do have some forever 21 (not forever 21 tho..) type of brand clothing (Topshop, H&M, Zara...) and they have lasted more than 3 years.

    I think its because I handwash almost half my clothes that's why. If a piece of clothing is beautiful, i'd handwash it no matter designer or not.

    So really, my designer clothes & high street clothes last me the about same time. It all really depends on how much u wear it and how you wash it.

    I never really throw stuff away since I pay for all my clothes and i don't believe in throwing or giving things away to charity because i just don't. When i buy something, i know its something that i am 99% sure i wont discard.

    That is why i keep wearing my old clothes coz i only buy what i really love.

    One of my favourite designer items have been worn by a celebrity in 2005 and I feel a bit scared to wear it now in case someone makes a horrible comment. I don't know if you understand why i feel that way?

    Sometimes I think that celebrities really ruin everything. Its no wonder ladies who collect couture clothing will never purchase something seen on a celebrity already. Lol. :smile:

    Sorry ive been rambling but i really appreciate all ur comments. i just want to know what the world thinks.
  9. Also, anything that is too trendy, high street or designer -- it doesn't matter, it will date your clothes. Designer items are shown in fashion magazines, so there is a large chance that a lot of people will recognize it BUT popular non-designer items are worn out in public by a lot more people, so that can have the same effect.

    I agree, I think celebrities do ruin a lot. They like taking the special pieces and then forever it is thought that you copied off of them.
  10. agreed with Sina and Mr. Couturier. I think that it is really weird to have anything to say abou that.

    now, I am all for having a new outfit for special occassions or when you gather with friends for a special event etc but other than that I wear whatever I like, with the exception of Zara etc pieces that are just trendy for the moment. I rarely buy more than 2 or 3 pieces like that per season bec I can't stand to just follow whatever is in a magazine.

    I also buy most designer items for the long term, i.e. stuff you can wear time and again.
  11. Well said Mr. Couturier! I think it is so lame when people have to wear all new clothes. I always wonder if they're that boring on the inside as well. Anyone who cares that you're wearing a 3 year old is pathetic. If it's a beautiful dress, wear it!

    I personally think it is bolder and more fashionable to wear older pieces. Then again, I have a very "I don't give a f*ck" attitude when it comes to other people's opinions about my shoes/clothes/bags. Wearing older pieces shows that you care more about the piece than wearing what's in style.

    I've heard girls say "I can't believe I'm wearing this, it's so ugly" but they do anyway because it's "in style." I think that's really really sad when people act like sheep when it comes to something as personal and individual as style.
  12. I have to agree with you 100%
  13. u made a good point. Thanks so much. Im gonna wear my dress this weekend xoxo :smile:
  14. I feel the same way. As long as it's currently looking I wear it (i.e., I don't wear 80's suits with huge shoulder pads). I don't care if it incorporates every trend out there right now. I like to pair my older pieces with a trend that suits me to make it current like trendy shoes or a top in a of the moment color that flatters me. I think great personal style of more important than being trendy.
  15. I love some of my older pieces and I still wear them, but then I only buy things that fit into my style and my look whether or not they're trendy. For example, I have a McQueen skirt from waaaaay back in the day and there is no way you could pry that from my closet. So I sort of have my look with a nod to the trends. Vintage items and some quirky or classic items thrown in keeps it "my" look.