Easier To Break-in: Gh Or Rh?


Easier to break-in: GH or RH?

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  1. Hi all. Hope everyone had a good Thankgiving holiday. I saw another thread that asked to see a pic of a broken in gh bbag. I brought up a question for me. I have RH and GH and have not seen my GH broken in, but my RH bags break in pretty easily. Is there a diffenence in the leather? I don't think so according to the tags. We all see the subtle color difference between the hardwares. So here's the question, what do you think is easier to break in: gh or rh bags?
  2. My GH PT (avatar) will NOT break in -- even after using (powerpuff's??) heavy-books-on-a-hanger trick!
  3. thats an interesting question as im considering in getting a black city gh! ive noticed that some can be really smooshy while others looks stiff...wasnt sure if they were brand new when they were taken!
  4. They definitely take a lot longer to break in! The GH makes the bags a LOT more structured and rectangular than the RH bags.
  5. My sandstone work broke in inside one week of extreme packing every day for work. It was so packed I could not close the zipper even if I wanted to.

    After that week, the leather was slouchy.

    I think that overall though RH b bags break in faster especially if the leather is particularly soft.
  6. I'm still trying to breakin my black RH city so it will fit over my shoulder - this process is taking a while, however my Black GGH Work broke in pretty quickly - just like Karen said - because she's been stuffed and laptopped! I'm afraid of the heavy book trick...
  7. I'd say that the RH bags are easier to break in----- but that's just a pure guess.
  8. Rh definitely!

    My violet SGH work is on the way but its already been almost 3 months and she's still not as smooshy as my RH marine w/e which was a flaccid mass of yummy leather when left to lie after 1 month of using.
  9. but shouldn't it be the same?
  10. ^^ You would think so.

    I've seen my fair share of GH and RH bags, and RH mos def breaks in easier/better.

    Can't explain it, it just does.
  11. i voted GH just because i assumed that since the overall bag is much heavier than RH, especially with stuff in it GH would break in much faster than RH.
  12. My SGH Brief is much thicker leather than my RH bags of all different styles & seasons. I don't know if all the GH bags are a bit thicker leather but from some comments here many seem to be. Saying that my GH is Gorgeous, Squishy & Vibrant!