Earthquakes and BV

  1. Considering that there have been a few earthquake tremors going on today in San Francisco I am breaking out the brand new Magnolia veneta. I was saving it for a special occasion but what the heck, if we are going to be shaking around here I want to do it in style!

    Photos taken after last tremor:

    I must be a bit punch because in the second photo I felt like photographing San Francisco through the handle of a veneta!
    IMG_1033.jpg IMG_1034.jpg
  2. Congrats! She's a soft, feminine beauty. I like the shot of the city as seen through the handle drop. I used to live in both L.A. and the Bay Area and really don't miss the earthquakes - I hope it stays mild for you guys.
  3. LOL! I loved being woken up this morning at 4.30 by the earthquake. But the bag is beautiful!
  4. Oh congratulations! She is a beauty!

    And I hope those tremors have subsided!! I used to live in San Diego and also do not miss that feeling.
  5. Ha! It woke me up this morning too. Fortunately just a small one.
  6. Nice bag and be safe!!
  7. What a beauty that Magnolia! The shot of SF through the Veneta is cute. Love to visit SF one day, earthquake notwithstanding. Stay safe.
  8. LOL that pic through the handle is something I'd do too and drive DH bonkers! Live it up and shake it up - enjoy your pink baby!
  9. Love the magnolia veneta!!!
  10. love the bag and stay safe. hope it isn't too bad
  11. Beautiful bag! :tup:
    Take care!
  12. Wow, the bag looks simply perfect! And I really like the second picture, cute idea!
  13. NWpurselover, that bag is scrumptious. I'm in the Bay Area too but I slept right through the earthquake!
  14. I love this photo ... SF tru a BV's handle :tup: great idea, fabulous bag :heart:

  15. Thanks everyone, no more little tremors!
    It would be fun if everyone could post a pic of where they live with a photo of their bag.