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  1. I just felt a mild earthquake here in San Francisco. Hope everyone in the area is OK.
  2. Was that what that was? I'm about 100 miles from you. I thought one of the dogs was under my bed and was bumping it with her head.
  3. I live in LA and didn't feel anything here....? (Do earthquakes "travel" that far?)
  4. It's not common, balihai, for them to travel that far.

    Speedy, I'm glad it was mild where you are!
  5. Me too honey, the one in 89 (or was it 88?) was really felt up here. Knocked stuff off my walls and the Nantional Guard called DH up to come help with the stuff that had happened in SF.

    I was in a bad one in 1980 as well, just outside of Ferndale, California, I loved in the upstairs apartment of an old Victorian house in Eureka. That house ROCKED like mad!!
  6. 1989, Loma Prieta. I bashed my knee up good in that one. I live in an old Victorian house and the earthquake knocked me down hard.

    I don't remember the 1980 one...didn't move to California until 1984.

    At least we have some nice sunny weather to complement the shaking.
  7. Nothing here in South San Jose.