earth tones vs "colours"

  1. i just wanted to throw this question out to you ladies (and gents):
    do you think that Bbags look better in earth tones (camel, caramel, truffle, marron) or "true" colours (reds, blues, greens)?

    it is just that i noticed that i am so attracted to the Bbag style in those gorgeous, colourful, jewel tones and yet i am normally much more of an earth-tone kind of person. there is just something about the styling of the Bbag and the kind of leather that IMHO just looks so great in colour.

    would loved to hear what you think:smile:
  2. Such a hard question...because the styling of the BBags is so fabulous. My black is my most favorite black bag ever. My brown is my favorite brown ever and on the otherhand I am in love with Vermillion and Vert Gazon.

    I just love them all............
  3. For me and my style of clothing, neutral bbags look better. My clothes are colorful, so my hubby often tells me I look like Rainbow Brite if I wear too many colors at once.

    Take a look at your wardrobe and see what colors would best coordinate with the outfits!
  4. I think both types of colors - earth tones and jewel tones - look fabulous on Bbags. I tend toward the the richer colors, but it's just a personal preference.
  5. I think B-bags look great in all colors. But I was first interested in Balenciaga specifically because of the wide variety of colors - I really wanted a grey bag and I loved the Greige color which was unlike anything I had ever seen before. I tend to get other brands that I like in earth tones (because that's usually all they are available in) and save colors for my B-bags.
  6. I think it's personal preference too. But balenciaga does brights really well! But then again - the colour and depth of the 04 marron totally blows me away - I love how it's brown yet has a mahogany glow - reminds me of a beautiful piece of cherrywood furniture.

    This is why having a bbag addiction is so hazardous to the wallet - you almost have a never-ending list of possibilities that you'll love!
  7. I prefer the firsts in color, but I think the other sizes look good in color or neutral :smile:
  8. Now that I think about it...I was initially attracted to Balenciaga because of the colors. I bought a bright color first and then realized how special it was so I wanted more colors and then I decided I needed neutrals too. So it start with the brights.
  9. whether i match or not, i don't care. right now i'm carrying my emerald day and wearing an almost neon green shirt. however, if it were spring, i would totally be wearing my bubblegum day, which i am head over HEELS in love with.

    i love both neutral colors and brights. i'm looking to get a magenta next, which will watch with NOTHING in my wardrobe!

  10. I don't think it is an either or. I like some earth tones and some colors, although I tend to be most attracted to the colors. I think that is probably the case for most people because whenever I go anywhere to look at them, it seems like there are tons of neutral bags (browns, blacks) and only a few colors. I asked the SL at Shirisses about that and she said it is because the colors sell out the minute they get them. I didn't ask if they get more neutrals than colors to start with, although it might be useful to know to answer your question.

    For me, I would like to have a few neutrals but mostly colors. That way, I can wear the neutral bag with whatever the colors I choose don't go with. Interestingly, I think a color can work as a neutral. For example, I think the rouge VIF can be worn with any shade of gray, blacks and browns.

    AFter you look at tons and tons of pics of B-bags, you will get an idea of what you love. But it never makes up for seeing them in person.
  11. Color color color!!! Like Skittles~ YUM!:p
  12. The only really bright colors I like are magenta, turq. and yellow. I mostly stick to neutrals or the more subtle colors.
  13. I like to go for neutrals as they are easy to match and blacks/browns hie wear and tear better so I feel my money is going the extra mile. But now and then I like to go for a bright color to brighten up my bag collection....too many browns and blacks makes Jane a dull girl!!
  14. That's exactly what I'm gonna say, kate79, and we also live in the same area:graucho:
    Anyway, I never seen any other brand make a color bag beautiful like Balenciaga.
    With the design, the tassles, handle and all hardware are so match and perfect.
    Easy word, try to imagine Chloe' paddington bag with Magenta or Aqua color.

    ...... not good, not good ...:yucky:
  15. I think the style allows for you to purchase bright colours. The leather works well with the contrast in colours. Earth tones are nice too, however I have generally saved earth tones for other bags. This is more of a trendy/hip/in fashion style, so you may as well have colours that draw attention to the bag!