Ears in, but what about the tassels?

Aug 10, 2006
Hi guys, I know this topic has been debated back and forth for a while now. I normally keep the ears or flaps of my city out with the tassels hanging and blowing in the breeze. I like the look -- very casual. However, just recently I tucked the flaps in for a more refined, polished look of the bag. I'm happy to report that I like the look very much!

But ... I noticed that with the flaps tucked in, the tassels just sat in the bag mixed with my normal things. I'm afraid that during the course of the day with holding the bag and stuff getting moved around while I take stuff in and out, that the tassels may rip or catch on something.

If you keep your flaps tucked in, what do you normally do with your tassels? Do you tuck them in a specific spot inside the bag?



frou frou
Feb 28, 2006
I keep the bunny ears (or flaps) of the City and PT inside, with no tassels attached because as you said they could get messy or snap. I do put a Juicy charm on one of the zipper pulls so that I can still zip up my bag if I feel like it. Usually I wear my Cities and PTs as open totes though.
Jul 13, 2007
I wear my Pistachio City with both ears tucked in, tassels too inside, though maybe I will remove them now like Danae, the dangling inside gets a bit on my nerves ;)

I like the look better that way!
But these things change often, maye in a while I will like the ears + tassels hang out ^_^