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  1. I have been eyeing these things for a couple years, and I havent been able to find then anywhere... well, authentic ones that is.

    eBay: Chanel cc logo auth w/ Swarovski crystal earrings Huge (item 190062045747 end time Dec-16-06 19:58:19 PST)

    I know these are fake, did Chanel ever even make these things? There is a picture on the listing that looks like something out of a chanel catalog or site... I know Chanel jewlery doesnt come with auth cards, or velvet bags... right?

    Yes, I know, they are huge and bling, and gaudy, but if any of you ladies ever met me you would see how they are perfect for me!
  2. Im not sure chanel ever made those, they are rampant fakes at LA's fashion district..omg yuck!!!! chanel earrings, necklaces, key chains galore...15$ a pop, it was hedious. My friend was looking for some swarowski cryatal chandalier earrings and i was forced to torture my eyes with these ugly fakes!
  3. Yeah I don't think they ever made those either. The CC's are also awkwardly shaped too. And as far as I know, the cards definitely don't come with jewelry pieces, only bags. No little pouches either.
  4. yes they did make them.. i dont know about these crystals. but 3 or 4 years ago they were everywhere.. samanatha on sex and the city had a pair... and they were hot pink.. paris hilton had about 2 or 3 in every color.. they were like 500 a pair...i tried to do a google seach with paris or samanta- dont have the patience this am lol
    if I find it i will post it in this link for you...
  5. I know they've made similar HUGE CC earrings in the past. Authentic Chanel jewelry does not come with dustbag and they absolutely do not come with authenticity cards.
  6. sterling silver pieces do come in a pouch with grey box....
  7. Do you have a picture of the pouch and grey box? I've never seen them before.
  8. hmmm paris hilton is known to wear fakes and im not sure if the items used in sex and the city were just props or fakes. will & grace use fake LV, whos to say sex and the city didnt?
  9. Thanks ladies!!! I have seen the colored acrylic ones everywhere too... I know they made black acrylic ones, but I dont know about the other colors.
  10. This is what I got when I purchased my gold earrings:


    I wish I was given a box with my earrings. It would have been very convenient... storage wise...
  11. hmm I always get black chanel boxes with even the smallest of earrings
  12. Yes, the costume pieces come with a black box... but not the Fine Jewelry.
  13. My ceramic and white gold ring came in a white leather box with black triming. The box was lined in black velvet.
  14. My large gold camellia earrings came with nothing... (and they were a special order, it took 7 months to get them... ) :sad:
  15. I got a necklace (sterling silver) with charms and stones. It came in a grey box with white bottom and in a grey velvety pouch..