Earrings ??

  1. Do you have your ears pierced ?

    How old were you when you got them pieced

    Do you wear clip- ons ?

    I don't have my ears pieced, I wear clip- ons if I need to, for going out or photo shoots. But they make my earlobes itch,

    So, I try to avoid them whenever I can.

    How about you?
  2. I have 2 piercings in each ear. The first was done when I was a baby only a couple months old. The 2nd holes I did myself with a needle when I was in high school because my parents wouldn't take me to get them done.
  3. I had my ears pierced when I was baby, I don't use earrings at all though.:blink:
  4. this is an interesting thread!

    i have one hole in each earlobe. they were done by a piercing gun when i was 4, and then again when i was 11 (after they closed up the first time).

    i also have a tragus piercing. it was pierced with a 14g needle but i downsized to a 16g because it looks better IMO.
  5. I have my ears pierced. I was 6 or 7 years old when my parents took me (in my father's family, they usually do it when the girl is a baby but my mother wanted to wait). I really enjoy changing my earings all the time and matching them to my outfits. I can't go out without earings on, I am so used to it, I put them automatically in the morning.
  6. I have 2 holes on my left ear and one on my right. I was 5 when I got the first ones done. I got the second pierce on my left ear when I was 16. My best friend n I went to get them done, I got mine on the left, she got hers on the right.. not really sure why we decided to do it then[​IMG]
  7. My ears are pierced, I've had them pierced since I was two years old or so. Right now they're stretched to 0 gauge and I wear stainless steel eyelets, you can see through the hole. I've been stretching for about 3 years now, slowly. My jewelry is mostly stainless steel, glass or organic materials. I switch it out every now and then. I have other ear piercings, all with SS jewelry in them.
  8. I got mine pierced when I was 2. My mother says I asked for it for my 2nd birthday. I always were pierced earrings. My FH got me diamond studs for my last birthday, so I have been wearing those a lot. I like chandeliers too, but have to be careful they're not too heavy (my aunt pulled hers out with heavy earrings!!).
  9. I first had mine pierced when I was 28. I had it done in a Claire's, and rather than being painful, I felt a tremendous pressure in my earlobes. Immediately after it was done, I was really nauseous for a few minutes. The pressure went away after a couple of days. The most horrible thing about the process is having to wait the month or so it takes for the holes to heal so you can start putting in fabulous earrings! I have amassed a pretty good selection of earrings since then!
  10. i got mine pierced when i was 5 for the first time...then around grade 7 i got two more holes in one ear and one in the other..don't ask why, cause i'm not sure. :shame: i let the extra holes grow over eventually and just have the one set now.
  11. I have 2 holes per lobe and have diamons studs on each set. I need bigger studs though! ;)

    Always bigger!
  12. I got mine done when I was 5 one in each ear and then I tried getting another one done with two best friends of mine when I was 12 but that closed quickly didn't work that well. I still have the two but I need to wear earrings before they close.
  13. I had two in each ear ...but now i only have one set .........i feel naked with out earrings ...i prefer hoops.i tried clips on but the annoy me
  14. I had mine done for the first time when i was 7/8 and then i had them done for second holes when i was 11 and finally when i was 13 me and my friend pretended we were 16 so we could get them pierced a third time each without our parents knowing. My mum clocked me after about 3 days and i still dont think my dad has noticed haha! it was 4 years ago aswell.
    nowadays i only wear earrings in my first set of holes and i wear just plain silver GG gucci earrings but if im going out i wear my sliver dior diamond ones :biggrin: present for passing my exams last summer.
  15. Virgin ears here!