Earrings that don't fall off easily?

  1. I almost never take my earrings off... to goto sleep or shower, so I'm looking for something with a really tight clasp... much like the Agatha Paris ones. But I'm also looking to get plain pearl or diamond studs, which they don't make. Any recommendations? Thanks!
  2. ^ :yes: ITA!
  3. I agree with couturequeen. My diamond studs have screw backs, and they always stay put... they've never fallen off.
  4. eeek, I've never had an earring fall off. . . do people really have trouble w/ this often?

    Clair's boutique, you know that cheapy tween-ish accessory store? has a little pack of plastic earring backs. They fit SUPER tight and do not budge. I wear those on the backs of my 2cttw diamond studs.
  5. screw back studs are the most secure. they're a little hard to find in anything but diamond studs but you can take any pair of fine jewelry stud style earrings to your jewler....s/he can convert them for you for less than $50.

    swanky: i'm very absentminded...i brush my hair behind my ears all day, drag my hair brush over my ears sometimes, rip clothes over my head, flail in my sleep, etc. before i discovered "huggies" style hoops and screw back studs my earrings never lasted more than a few days.