Earrings recommendations

  1. Dear Ladies,

    i would like to ask for your advise in the following issue:
    as an everyday jewellery i wear my Cartier Trinity ring(tricolor) or the Bulgari Parentesi in yellow gold.
    Otherwise i am wearing a bicolor Rolex / no necklace....

    Would you wear:
    a, diamond studs in yellow gold
    b, Cartier Love screw yellow gold
    c, bulgari Parentesi yelloe gold

    I appreciate all your feedbacks


    P.S.: i have short hair....
  2. i think love knots are to die for in yellow gold =)

    i am useless without pictures hehe
  3. could you post photos of 2 & 3 so we don't have to search for them :biggrin:
  4. I vote for the diamond studs. Most classic.
  5. Unfortunately i couldnt copy the earrings from the websites...but i think i will go for the diamond studs in yellow gold settings as a classis choice!
  6. Another vote for diamond studs!
  7. I think the diamond studs are the most versatile choice...
  8. I wear the Cartier Trinity ring [tricolor] with scattered diamonds on my right hand. I wear two pairs of diamond studs, set in wg, in my ears. I think the yg studs are a classic choice