Earrings or Ring?

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  1. Hi everyone,
    About to get my first Cartier. I have been reading a lot about patina developing on rings, as well as RG starting to look like YG. Would trinity earrings keeps its original look longer as opposed to a ring? I really want to get an item which will last because I am going to have it for a special occasion and want to enjoy it for as long as I can. I love both equally, but can get one, so really just trying to decide between the two now from a practical point of view as well)
    Thanks in advance.
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  2. I have three Trinity rings, and the pink gold bands have never oxidized. The rings are distinctly their three different colors. If you like the ring, go for it. I have a pink gold Love ring, and it is not quite as coppery looking as the pink gold rings on my Trinity rings. Good luck with your purchase.

  3. I am bumping this as I am also in the same situation, first Cartier piece, but looking at the trinity necklace. I absolutely love it, but am hesitant because I have seen used pieces that have the patina. I am interested in the feedback and experiences from people that have anything from this collection. Did it patina, how long before it started to patina (or how long have you had it, and still no patina), and can the patina be removed via cleaning/polishing?
  4. When you say patina, are you referring to a patina of fine scratches or staining? Gold is a non-reactive metal, and it should not stain. I would question the authenticity of a piece that looks stained. Cartier’s white gold is a dark grey unless it has diamonds in it as those pieces are rhodium plated. Some of the pink gold pieces oxidize a little bit making them look less copper toned and almost like yellow gold. I have four pieces from the Trinity line, and none of them have changed in color or stained. My mother’s Trinity ring from the late 60’s has a brighter white gold than my newer pieces, but no part of the ring looks stained. Good luck choosing your new piece.
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  5. I suppose when I say "patina" it means darkening somehow, and maybe that is via scratching? Although I agree with you, I don't understand how darkening could actually happen bc none of my other real gold jewelery have changed color, but I have read on other jewelry forums of this happening with the trinity. Perhaps it is an error in their wording. The trinity necklace I've seen recently that looks like it has darkening is currently on fashionphile (https://www.fashionphile.com/cartier-18k-pink-yellow-white-gold-diamond-trinity-pendant-necklace-308901). I suppose that is why I am confused, bc of the hearsay and me wondering how darkening is even possible in gold, so I'm interested in other's experience with these pieces to clear up my confusion. Thank you so much for your input!
  6. That's a tough call... what will you feel more excited about... the ring or the earrings ? You can look at your hands at the ring way more often than you can to your ears at the earrings. You can lose an earring easier than you can a ring. As a man, I love seeing a nice pair of earrings on a woman...to me It says " I care about me...a lot, and you should care about me as well... a lot"
  7. I see what you are talking about in the photos. That appears to be scratches that can be polished out. The clasp looks stretched, too. I hope you are able to get a piece that you love.
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  8. I would get a ring so you can look down on it!

    I have had a trinity ring for several years with no color change.
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