earrings and stretching


Aug 25, 2010
How do you know when earrings are too heavy and might stretch your ears? This is an odd phobia of mine, but I almost only ever wear studs because I'm worried I could permanently stretch out my ears or tear the holes. Thanks!


Sep 22, 2006
You can feel it and you can see it. Earrings that are too heavy will lean forward and make your earlobes droop. You can see the piercing hole elongate under the weight, too.

black jade

Aug 28, 2008
Yes, when the earrings are too heavy, you definitely know. This is usually more a problem with hoop type earrings than it is with studs, unless you have REALLY large studs in some heavy material, like diamonds. But even then, you can wear a bigger earrings back and solve the problem most of the time.

I have 1.8 ctw diamond studs and they are not too heavy at this weight to wear a normal earring back. So you would really have to go very big. I think studs that 'drooped' would be a sign you were having a problem.

there are also earrings with extremely thick posts. I have run into this with some handmade or foreign made earrings, like some Indian earrings in 22k gold. However, again you get plenty of warning. If the earring posts are too thick, you are in a fair amount of pain and have to keep applying alcohol to your weeping and bleeding ears.

My point is, you have a lot of warning before this happens.

One thing to be aware of, though. Aging is one of the issues here. As we get older, our ear lobes thin out and get more 'papery'. At this point you have to be very careful of stretching. Most of the older women I know who have always worn earrings have some stretching in their ears. But I am talking ladies in like their seventies and eighties. also, it doesn't always look bad--I've rarely seen cases where it looked like the lady should give up wearing earrings or anything like that.


Loyal Browncoat
Jan 28, 2007
You can tell when you put the earrings on. You can feel the weight of them when you wear them. I have a pair of sterline silver dangle earrings from Thailand that belonged to my paternal grandmother. I really like them and when I wear them they look fantastic, but even just trying them on I can feel them gently pulling on my ear and when I look in the mirror I can see the hole slightly droop. Because of that, I don't wear them, it makes me nervous.

I would say go with your gut, you can tell what makes you comfortable and what doesn't.


Sep 23, 2010
I share your fear! I run away from all heavy chandeliers (except on my wedding day) for this reason and i've had pierced ears since age 4.

Your best bet is to avoid heavy earrings all together - and if that is not possible - to reduce the amount of time you wear them. If you feel your ear sagging - the earring is too heavy. Try buying those big plastic backs that tend to balance the weight better - and see if you have the same result.

Always allow your ears to "repair" and rest the stretched ear lobe/hole after wearing heavy earrings for the evening.
Dec 19, 2009
you should be able to feel it. If the earrings feel too heavy, chances are they're enlarging your earring hole, and when you take them out, you might see a little bit of sagging. Honestly, though, as a person who has been wearing earrings since she was 18 months old, it takes a lot of heavy earring-wearing to stretch out the hole. If I wear basic studs for a couple months and try and put in indian earrings (which are thicker, usually because they have a screw-back instead of the snapping ones you see normally), it'll be a struggle because the hole naturally closes up.

Also, I've had my earring hole stretched out (due to an unfortunate accident involving a basic stud catching on a badminton net as I ran under it), and within a couple months it was back to normal. I just took the earring out and let it heal - it was fine, didn't need re-piercing or anything, and now (8 years later) I can't even tell whether it was my left ear or right ear that was damaged- they both look the same. Your ears can handle the weight, don't worry!


Jun 30, 2010
I've always worried about this too, so when I wear a heavier pair of earrings, I'll either wear a light stud or nothing the next day and let my ear relax.