Earring Repair - Outrageous Customer Service

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  1. TL;DR -- Dropped off earrings for repair 3 months ago, and still don't have them back. Chanel sent me someone else's broken earrings and is holding mine hostage even though they were the ones who made the mistake. Store stopped communicating with me and customer service was rude and tried to hang up instead of compromising.

    I bought a pair of CC earrings in London last year, and by earlier this year, some crystals had fallen out. In September, I brought them to the Chanel boutique in SF and asked that they be repaired. I was told that they would be mailed back to me in 4-6 weeks.

    8 weeks later, I receive a phone call telling me my earrings were ready to be picked up. I don't live in SF so I requested that they be mailed to me instead (like they initially told me). They said okay. I get the package in the mail, but they were not my earrings. They were someone else's old broken earrings.

    I called the store and told them they made a mistake. No apologies were made. A week later, the repair specialist emails me and tells me they will mail my earrings to me as soon as they receive the other pair back. I was taken aback because it seemed as if they were holding mine hostage - me getting what's rightfully mine back should not be contingent upon me fixing their mistake. I speak to another woman and she assures me that's not the case because they don't even know where mine are!

    She said she would track them down and give me an update. I never hear from her again. Over the next two weeks, I send her two more emails asking for an update. Still no response. At this point, it's been about 12 weeks since I dropped them off.

    Last week I submitted a letter to customer service, and today a manager finally called me back. Her attitude was outrageous and she made it sound like I am trying to keep both pairs. I told her I am not sending the other pair back until I know where mine are, because with the lack of communication, I fear they would stop contacting me completely. She said they found mine already (did they really?) but will not send them to me until they receive the other pair.

    So they ARE being held hostage. I told them I will not send them back until I receive mine. At the very least, I will need to see the tracking number -- after 3 months of waiting, I don't believe I'm being unreasonable. She kept cutting me off and even tried to hang up on me. This is truly incredible.
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  2. I am sorry to hear your repair is turning into a desaster!

    Whereas I fully agree that they made a mistake by sending you a wrong pair (how exactly did u know its someone else btw were they broken?) it is a very common procedure in retail to do what they offer you now: for them to be ALLOWED to send you ANOTHER pair (which means technically you could keep both and disappear - not saying you are, just technically) they, in return, NEED to know you are sending the other ones back which means they either need the tracking number for the parcel adressed to them or, for high value items, the entire thing back on their desk before they send the other one out to you.

    While I understand that this may seem frustrating for you, i want to assure you the procedure itself is totally okay. Just imagine it were a flap bag sent for repair - they cant let you keep a wrong one they sent and send ANOTHER one out, hoping you will be nice enough to return the wrongly send one. you would not BELIEVE the things customers do - it doesnt matter if they are chanel ones or H&M. Ive worked in retail for a year... and if you were loosing your patience and telling them "im not sendint it back till i get my own" - if the lady had a bad day (or wasnt experienced..) she could be twice es worried now, quite understandably, that your not gonna send it back at all because you are so pissed off :biggrin: you know what I mean?

    bottom line: nobdoy should hang up on you. nobody should be rude, you are to be treated politely and nice at all times. yet, nobody is holding your earrings hostage - its a standard procedure to return product A before B is send out. If you want to give it one last shot why dont you suggest that while you understand that they need their earrings back, you also want to be sure that you dont send them back and end up with none at all (which i think is the bottom of this, right?) . therefore if they could please send you a written email stating that there will be an exchange of product: you send theirs back, in return you get your own ASAP. written documented like that you are in safe hands - better than just an over the phone promise.
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  3. By not sending the incorrect pair back and refusing too, you're actually starting to sound unreasonable. You need to suck it up, send them back, they have no reason to keep yours after that.
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  4. I disagree with both responses to the OP. Why is the wrong pair they sent now your problem? You shouldn’t have to go to trouble for their mistake and go through a whole ringamarole trying to send the earrings back. They should make it super easy to return the other pair by sending you pre-printed labels or a courier to pick it up. And, guess what, even if you don’t return them, they still owe the other customer a new pair and they need to deal with it. I’ve had two instances where Chanel lost things I sent for repair and after months and countless calls, they end up having to just replace with new items. Their service is a complete disaster and for the countless price increases, they should be a shining star of amazing service.
  5. customer: Hello Chanel, where are my earrings?
    Chanel: we accidentally sent them to the wrong customer and now she refuses to send them back
    Yeah that sounds like a great way to get your property back for the OP, hold some strangers earrings hostage?
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  6. I would suck it up and travel to SF and do the exchange in person, to end this saga as quickly & efficiently as possible. That way, I could also inspect my earrings before bringing them home. Just a thought...
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  7. I’m sorry you have to go through that situation. I was too received wrong items, not from Chanel but I do understand your frustration. I did sent them back and received mine within a week without problems.

    I see you’re afraid that they do not have your earrings but if so, they will have to replace new pairs or even give you credit so my advice is, don’t think too much, just be easy and everything will be solved.
  8. I agree with others that it is probably best to suck it up and you are probably not going to make it better if you persist, but it sounds like terrible customer service you have received. Whatever the risks for them, they should not treat clients as suspects... What facilities did they give for you to return the wrong earrings? that to me is an important part of the equation.

    Now, not Chanel, but only last week I received the wrong items from an online purchase. I contacted the seller and they sent a printable label and asked that I sent the items back through UPS and they will send me the right ones. I explained I don't have a UPS close by and don't see why I have to spend my time and money when they have been the ones to make the mistake. So they offered that to send the right items, coordinate delivery with me and the same UPS guy who delivers will collect the box with the wrong shipment. This is customer service. The company was Glasslock and the items were glass containers.

    Chanel can do better.
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  9. Yes they made a mistake but you don't have a valid reason to keep something that doesn't belong to you. You can't hold someone else'd property hostage as a means to get your property returned to you. Return what is not yours. Make sure you send it back with tracking and signature confirmation. Then politely request that they reimburse you for that cost (because this was their mistake you shouldn't be on the hook for the return costs) and ask that either your repaired earrings or a new pair are expedited to you.
  10. I'll have to echo the post above. "2 wrongs don't make a right." I had Chanel earrings sent in for repair earlier this year and they told me it would take 2-3 months since they get sent to Paris so I can certainly empathesize with your frustration. if they had sent me the wrong pair, of course I would be annoyed. However, I don't think my initial instincts would be to call their bluff by holding those earrings "hostage." Actually, I would've sent the incorrect pair right away just to expedite the return of mine.

    Regardless of the awful service blunders leading up to the current situation has been, the point is, they said they found yours now. I really don't think they could possibly lie about being in possession of it at a boutique location. Holding those earrings hostage really won't lead anywhere and it looks like it certainly won't get your earrings back either. If you're really skeptical about them being in possession of your earrings, then I would suggest going there physically. That is, if you're within driving distance.
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  11. Did they send you a prepaid label? (Make them send you one so they are responsible for both the safe arrival of the earrings back to them and the cost, once it leaves your hands)

    Do you have at least the important part of your exchange on email?

    If you do, why are you reluctant to send the incorrect pair back? Worse case scenario, they never send your earrings back and you contact your credit card company/ the small claims tribunal. Bad press for them, your money back to you.
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  12. I would have sent the "wrong" pair back immediately. I don't really understand your strategy. Yes, a mistake was made, but I think you made the whole situation way worse.
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  13. I don't have any advice but I do understand your frustration. I have also dealt with the Chanel SF service repair department and they also had poor customer service when the process went wrong on their end. I also know the manager that you're speaking of because she also kept cutting me off while I was trying to explain the situation to her. It eventually got resolved (because thankfully the person that messed up admitted to it) but they do lack decent customer service and are very defensive when they make a mistake. Sorry for your situation and good luck with your earrings.
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  14. I brought a pair of earrings that had also lost some crystals back to the SF boutique for repair in the past, but was given the option for credit for the current price. Maybe you can request store credit if you think your earrings still haven’t been found?
  15. No point holding on to an item that isn't yours, ask for a return label with tracking so you will have proof they received it.
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