Earnest Sewn Harlan

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  1. Hello :smile:
    I hope it's the right section for this topic. I'm looking for Earnest Sewn 59-Hyper Dark Harlan jeans. Is there somebody from New York here? Because I'm wondering where can I get them. I only know that they don't have them in their store on Manhattan. So, maybe you will know where they probably could be. Bloomingdales? Bergdorf Goodman? (sorry if I posted this thread in a wrong section. It is my first post and I'm a little bit confused:Push:smile:
  2. I have these exact jeans-- I just got them on ebay (they are authentic from a very nice seller). What size are you looking for? Perhaps ebay is your best bet.
  3. And while you are at it, be careful-- you know how tricky weeding through the fakes can be...
  4. They have them at Active Endeavors:


    I bought my pair at the Active Endeavors store in Evanston. They run really large so you may want to size down.

    It's a totally legit store...they have a few locations in the Chicago area.

    For 20% off online use code 'toutie'
  5. thank you very much for your links :smile: the only problem is that I can't use credit card now, so I can't buy them online. I'm looking them in New York because, there is somebody there for me who can buy them there. I can't because I live in Poland, and the nearest shop where can I buy Earnest Sewn jeans is Berlin (and there is only 2 washes- wiltwyck and one rinse(which I have got). but anyway, I'm really grateful for your help girls:smile: