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  1. The one thing I can't STAND about the cold is when my ears get cold! Every other part of my body will be warm except for my ears so I thought it was time I got some earmuffs..only thing is..I can't decide if they will dorky or not! I can't even remember the last time I saw someone on my college campus wearing a pair. There's also those wrap-headband kinds..

    Hats look awful on me and those jackets with hoods just don't work..




    Thoughts? What do you guys wear to keep your ears warm?
  2. I like the burberry ones better. I have a pair of earmuffs that are just plain black and they are just fine for the winter time. I plan to buy a pair of the burberry ones but in the camel/novacheck color. I'm not a fan of the juicy ones unless you are skiing.
  3. I have the burberry one's in fuschia I love them they are so warm
  4. the juicy one is really cute..
  5. I've never seen the Burberry ones IRL, but I do like the one in your photos.
  6. I like the burberry ones.
  7. I love the look but I need my head convered because they say you lose heat from the top of your head....Burberry is nice though.
  8. Exactly! My grandmother used to tell me this religiously.

    If its not blistering cold, I like to wrap a chic scarf on my head. If Its "beyond caring if your cute" cold, I put a knitted cap on my head. Health before beauty. :P

    ........I like the first earmuffs you posted if I had to make a choice of the posted pics. :yes:
  9. have them in the same color and LOVE them!!
  10. i have the burberry ones in the pale pink colour and i loooove them. perfect for canadian winters.

    i like the first burberry one you posted best.
  11. I don't do earmuffs, and since I also see to always get a freezing cold forehead, I do the headbands. I've had many: Gorgeous silk lined Lacoste band (stolen), an Abercrombie cashmere and angora band (also stolen) and the one I have for this winter is a greyish-purple Stella McCartney for Adidas band (stolen OVER MY DEAD BODY!!). I think they look really cute and cozy!
  12. Burberry!
  13. I like the Burberry ones, might get some, but Ive been using black and brown rabbit fur earmuffs for 2 years now and I love them! I never see anyone else wearing earmuffs and sometimes ppl look at me funny but i dont care i dont have to wear an ugly hair-ruining hat! :P
  14. I think they might be kind of dorky but I definitely wear earmuffs in the winter. I have Burberry ones and huge fox fur ones and more neutral black fur ones. I hate when my ears are cold!
  15. I love the Burberry ones too!
    I have the novacheck ones and I think they're so adorable!