Early Xmas present from BF =)

  1. Since my BF bought me a White Ali to give to me for xmas he decided to give me something that was already sitting under the tree a little bit early :graucho: ;)


  2. yayyyy that scarf is so pretty!!!
  3. THANKS! I love it and I cant wait to put it on white ali :love:
  4. That will look sooo pretty on your new white ali!! Can't wait to see pics of that!
  5. I can't see pics at work...what scarf is it?
  6. oh wow!!! I love that scarf and it is going to look so hot on your white ali!!! :drool: Can't wait to see pics!!!! :yes:
  7. Its a beautiful legacy striped pony tail scarf!:tup:
  8. Its the legacy stripe ponytail scarf :love:
  9. YAY!!!!!
    I love that one!!!!!
    What a great BF! :heart:
  10. Thanks!!
    I think he's pretty swell also :upsidedown: :heart:
  11. Yay I have that one - that scarf looks so great w/a bag w/Legacy lining. Plus on with a white bag...very nice!
  12. I am confused, did the BF buy you both and just decided you could have the scarf early since you had to wait for the purse?

    Congrats! Do you plan to wear it in your hair or on the bag?

    I totally understand, my BF told me she bought me my Gucci and then wouldn't give it to me. Since I won't see her till the 26th, I have to wait!!!
  13. He gave it to me early because he wasn't planning on getting me the bag but since they were at the outlets and so inexpensive he bought it for me... and the scarf was my only coach thing under the tree... actually, I'm not sure why I'm pretending to understand his logic... all I know is that I got to open a present early!! :p :lol: :angel:

  14. So pretty! What a great bf.
  15. I love that scarf! Congrats!