Early XMAS gift - Rouge Birkin!!!

Thanks everyone for the nice compliments!

Here is the long story:

Back in November, DH said I could get a Birkin for Xmas. I was so excited, but I knew this was not going to be so easy. He went to the H boutique every few days. All they ever said was "no, we don't have any birkins." Then one day, he called me and told me they had an orange 40cm togo with GH. OMG, I had never been offered a Birkin at any time I went into the store. My top color choices were orange, blue jean, red (rouge or vermillion) and black in togo or clemence leather.
I said "no honey, I believe a 40 is too large for me." I'm only 5'3".

Then a few days later he went into the the boutique and said, "Do you have any 35 Birkins?." And the rep says "yes." He says "WHERE?":yahoo: But he didn't leave with the bag b/c it was Swift and a lighter color than brown so he describes it and it was not one my top 4 color choices. Poor guy. At this time, I thought DH was having a good time Birkin hunting for me b/c it was a challenge for him:sweatdrop:

Then a week later I went into the boutique to pick out the Plume I would buy b/c I had come to terms with the fact that I would not get a Birkin for Xmas this year. Once in the store, I saw the Rouge 35 in clemence with PH. OMG I couldn't believe my eyes:love:

Because I am not a Hermes customer, noone came to help me. The SA's were talking to each other, one was helping another customer. So I stood next to the Birkin to make sure the lady behind me did not claim it. She was trying to look around me to get a better view of the bag. When the SA was finished with the customer, I immediately told him I wanted to see the bag. I could not leave it's side because I was scare someone would claim her.:shame:

I picked up the bag and said I would take her and to wrap her up for me!!!!:yahoo:

For a few days, I debated on keeping her b/c I do not have a lot of dark color clothes. I thought about orange or blue jean. but when would I ever come across that opportunity? So I decided to keep her and I'm glad I did.

As for DH, he's happy that I got the bag in a color/leather I wanted. He says he's learned so much about the bag that he can give a lecture on it.

I couldn't wait til Xmas to debut her so I took her out yesterday and she got a lot of attention:cutesy:

BTW, I got it at Ala Moana Hermes.

First off, congratulations! :yahoo:

Also, I just wanted to say that I actually got the same exact Birkin as my first (and probably only), and right after I got mine I sort of panicked about the color, even though it was one of my top choices. I mean, it is not exactly neutral! But, I think you will find in that particular shade of red that it is a LOT more versitile than you might think right now. I have had mine for about four months and I've been very pleasantly surprised with how well it has worked with my existing wardrobe. (I run the gambit when it comes to clothes.) I have found very few things that it absolutely does not work with. So, no worries!

And yes, in Rouge, it gets a LOT of attention! :P
Aw you guys are so sweet.

Thanks everyone for your warm congrats!

Brimarie, that's exactly what I did - panicked! But DH kept on reassuring me that i made the right choice and that I don't have a red bag and I should keep it.

I'm sure I'll enjoy her in the years to come. :tender: