Early Xmas/Anniversary Gift...PLEASE HELP!


<3 H
May 24, 2007
My boyfriend is leaving to go underway next week and we've decided to exchange Xmas/Anniversary gifts this Sunday at our farewell/xmas/anniversary dinner. We'll have been together for nearly a year (we'll celebrate for a year though since we won't be together in person on the exact day). My problem is that everything has been done and I can't think of anything. Here is the short list of what I've already gotten him this year:

-Cartier ring
-Bose Lifestyle 48 Surround system
-All the game consoles/games you can imagine
-Designer clothing from shirts to shoes to underwear
-iphone and ipods
-Desktop and laptop
-Designer wallet and man bag for laptop
-Digital camera

And a bunch of other crap thats cluttering the condo right now. So all of those ideas are out. I donate a lot of time to charity and he is in the military so I think we contribute our fair share to the community. We take vacations together when time permits, but he won't be back until March of next year so can't plan anything in the immediate future in terms of travel.

All of my SA's are trying to sell me another watch to give to him, but when the new Chanel GMT came out he refused it while we were there. Should I try to get it for him anyway? Another idea I had was a pen, but he thinks my designer pens are a waste of time and money.

I really don't know what to do and the day is coming fast, someone please help! I'd like an original idea, I don't want to just get him more of the same :idea:


Sep 28, 2006
Wow . . .that's an impressive list. It doesn't sound like he'd need anything else that will just clutter the place. Maybe plan a full day/night out filled with things he likes to do. A basketball game? Hockey game? Dinner at his favorite restaurant or a full meal you make yourself? Decorate the house and dress up ins favorite lingerie? What does he like to do, that you guys never have the time and energy to do?


<3 H
May 24, 2007
Great ideas! The problem with that is we live in Hawaii and there aren't really major sports he likes here. We don't have an NFL team, we have one crap ice skating place I'm not sure has hockey, we have no MLB team. We have local teams but he isn't into it much.

I'm sure he'd love it if I cooked for him more, but I think my food is toxic and I'd rather leave it to the professionals lol.

I was actually thinking of a spa day, since he loved it when we went last time and that is something that we don't really have time to do very often. I guess the problem with that is timing. Not sure we can find a great spa between now and then that would have openings. We'll see though :smile:

dusty paws

Sep 20, 2006
East Bay, CA
How about putting together a photo album of you guys? My BF did that for me for my birthday and it was fabulous! Something I'll always have and can add to.