Early wear and tear Prada!

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  1. Hi there.
    I bought the Galleria bag in Mid August. I have use it pretty much every day since carrying it using the shoulder strap. I do use it to carry my MacBook Air.

    I noticed that the lining is ripping away where the straps lock in. I am so upset!!! I just can’t believe it.

    I thought this would be a much durable daily wear bag.

    Would a Prada fix this??

  2. Bring it back to Prada anyway so they can assess the bag and see if they will fix this, and if they will charge for the repair.
  3. That's really unfortunate, I hope Prada will deem it a flaw and fix it free of charge. The MacBook Air isn't even that heavy. I can't imagine it being considered normal wear and tear after only two months of use.
  4. Be prepared to give it up for a good 6 weeks or more if they decide to repair it. Where did you buy it? At Prada?
  5. Hi everyone,
    I bought the bag at the Prada boutique in Holt Renfrew. Went back on the weekend and the same girl who sold it to me was working. They took it back and are sending it to NYC for repair. I was told it could be 6-8 weeks. I am bummed to say the least. After spending all that money to not have it for 2 months! Gah! So annoying.

    The salesgirl asked me if I was overstuffing the bag - seriously? The straps are thin and not reinforced at all. For that kind of money and leather one would think it could hold a decent amount of stuff. Anyway, I asked them to try to reinforce the straps as that's how I like to carry the bag rather than with the handles.
  6. Ridiculous! They should have given you a new one right on the spot. As much as I love Prada bags, I equally loathe their pathetic after the sale customer service ( or lack thereof).
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  7. RIGHT!?!?! I asked if I could get a new one. She politely said no. F*#K! Not sure I will ever buy another one after this.
  8. Be sure to share that sentiment with the SA. Nothing like losing a customer to wake up retailers. More people should be assertive with crappy service like this.
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  9. I have something like that happened to a ba i bought in a prada outlet in italy and they fixed it in Copenhagen. it did take almost 2 months though, so be ware of that