Early vintage birthday present!!!

  1. SOOOOO it s my B day Saturday!!!:yahoo: I decided to get myself an early present!!!

    It's this!!!!


    a gray vintage bonnie cashin double clutch purse!!!:yahoo:

    I fell in love with it while searching for old vintage styles, plus its gray the new it color!!

    the best part, it was only $35!!

    hopefully i ll get it in time for my birthday (Sept 1st Shout out to Val!!)!!
  2. Katrynar:

    I really love your bag. Congrats! That was a fabulous find!
  3. Kat, you know how to find all the good deals on eBay (aka international garage sale, as my lovely brother would call it).

    If you don't mind my asking, how many hours total do you normally sit in front of the computer and just browse thru eBay? LOL

    BTW, congrats on such a great find!!
  4. LMAO thanks guys!!

    I browse on eBay probably for anywhere between 2-5 hours a day! I am an ebay junkie! I just type random things and see what pops up...

    lately i ve noticed coach coming back with the old old vintage styles so I decided to get the real vintage ones before it hits.. there are a lot of old bleekers and old city bags and such laying around on ebay for dirty cheap waiting for a new home!!

    and plus gray is one of my favorite colors!!
  5. look at this one!! u can see where the designers at coach get their inspirations from!

    it almost looks like a legacy slim tote!!


    and look at this one!! looks just like something that just came out but the name escapes me.. only i think it has a buckle instead

  6. GREAT FIND! Happy Early Birthday to you!!! :balloon:
  7. Great find, Kat! It's nice to reward yourself, especially for your birthday!:tup:
  8. Beautiful two pocket style! :yes: I've noticed an increasing amount of vintage leather Coach on ebay.
  9. The new bleeker flap!
  10. Glad you found something you love
  11. thanks guys :biggrin: i m going to be 24!!
  12. It's lovely -- congrats!
  13. Happy birthday.... Congrats!!!
  14. What a nice bag and I love the color-great find! Oh and happy birthday too.