Early Valentines gift and collection pic!

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  1. My husband found me the bag I have been searching for and gave it to me last night as an early valentines gift!

  2. The large Paris Biarritz tote!!! I am pregnant with twins (due in July) and this is literally the perfect baby bag! I am so excited, I have always wanted it as a baby bag and we couldn't find one anywhere...so happy he finally located one and had it sent!

  3. And here is my current Chanel bag collection:

    Paris Biarritz large tote- black
    Caviar GST- beige w/ GHW
    Caviar Jumbo- black w/SHW
    Reissue 226- black w/RHW
    Caviar M/L- beige w/GHW
    Timeless Caviar WOC- black w/GHW

    I am looking to add some sort of red to my collection, I think it needs some color! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392230812.852915.jpg
  4. What a lovely collection congrats on you're new bag and on you're twins hope you see many happy times with the all you're children and you're bags :smile:

  5. Wow that bag is stunning. Congrats on your twins, how exciting!!
  6. Congrats on your tote, and the twins on the way! Very nice collection!
  7. Beautiful chanel family and congrats on your expanding family! May you continue to have a happy healthy pregnancy and twins!! How exciting!!
  8. Aww congrats on the new addition to your purse family and soon to your own family - twins!! I remember you from the Chanel forum way back then and it is crazy how fast time flies. So very happy for you!

    btw such a sweet hubby!
  9. You're husband is so sweet! Congrats on your beautiful new Chanel & your soon to be here twins!!
  10. Beautiful tote and chanel family! Congrats on your twins!
  11. What a sweet husband! Congratulations on twins and your beautiful new Paris Biarritz
    tote. It will make a very stylish baby bag. Love your Chanel purse family,too. I agree
    a pop of color would be a great next addition. :biggrin:
  12. Thanks everyone! We are very excited about the twins and I am really excited to load this bag up!! It will be weird carrying so much stuff around though (I usually carry my woc with just my keys and LV zcp)
  13. Fabulous tote and your collection is beautiful. I agree a nice red is in your future.
  14. +1
  15. I LOVE your collection :smile: