Early Valentines for DH!

  1. Remember when JomaShop had the 30% off recently and then I had another 30% off coupon??? Well it didn't go to waste.

    It is about time the DH had a little more luxury leather in his life. So far he is loving the ebano wallet. I though I'd surprise him be getting a briefcase. He is a fan of the two handle types. You know those ugly reddish or carmel brown, stiff, 50's and 60's cases? The leather almost feels like cardboard? He has been carrying one of those, weighs a ton, types.

    On 1/31, it arrived...
  2. It comes with a leather/canvas crossbody strap, just in case. The strap can be attached to some hidden rings in the side. It has a nice deep pocket in the front, and a large inner compartment.

    And here it is!



    Happy, happy, joy, joy!
    ebanobrief.jpg ebanobrief1.jpg
  3. Very nice! Your DH is a lucky guy and I'm sure he'll get lots of use from it. I do want a BV briefcase at some point, but had dismissed that style because in pictures it looked like it didn't have a shoulder strap and I need that... But now I understand it is just because the attachment is hidden! Hmmmm.
  4. Congratulations Jburgh. It is a beautiful gift. What a treat! Does he know he has got it yet or is it a surprise?
  5. OMG Jburgh, not one but TWO great deals!!!!! You and your DH must look so stylish stepping out together, you and your montaigne, he and that GORGEOUS briefcase! and both in my fave BV colour Ebano!
  6. What a wonderful gift, I hope you get something wonderful in return! It's a present for him, and since you get to look at him carrying it, it's a present for you, too.
  7. jburgh, he'll love it!
  8. how beautiful jburgh. you're so generous, I'm not sure I'll ever want to spend BV money on anyone other than me :angel:
  9. What a great gift (and a great deal) jburgh , your hubby is one lucky man!! It almost looks like Belgian dark chocolate, oh I love ebano...
  10. Very nice briefcase----your DH is a lucky guy to have such a thoughtful wife!
  11. Thanks everyone. I am the one who is lucky! My DH never hassles me about these beautiful bags that seem to follow me home. ;)

    Yes, ebano is a wonderful color. Such a rich chocolate, and it goes with everything.

    He used his new briefcase on Friday. It is so much lighter than that ugly one he was using. I'll have to sneak that old one out of the house and back to Goodwill, lol.
  12. OMG. Never imagine briefcase can be this classy and beautiful.
  13. wow!
    your DH is such a lucky guy!!
    it is very beautiful. i am sure he will love it.
    do get him to take some action pics when he uses it :smile:
  14. what a lucky dh you have, jburgh. it's a very nice looking briefcase indeed.
  15. That is one nice looking briefcase for DH! Good job, jburgh!